Qwest Online 
(Software Only)

Compatible with iOS & Android


(plus $250 One-time setup fee)

$89  Save $10/Month

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Pickup: At Rockville, MD

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E-commerce Solution for Your Restaurant


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Complete Online Ordering Solution

Allow your customers to order and to book from your website, Facebook page and mobile app. Easy to integrate and compatible with all the popular website builders.

Simple and Flexible

Designed to stimulate appetite and increase sales.Flexible and easy to maintain and set up.

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Customizable Menu

Choices and add-ons keep your menu compact and well organized. They are also the easiest way to up-sell.

One Page Checkout

With one page checkout, 

optimized to increase conversion.Data pre-filled for returning clients. No account required.

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Online Reservations


Easy to use table reservation 

widget. Order in advance. 

All reservations are received and confirmed in real time with the restaurant app.

Facebook Integration


Promote your business, connect to your customers and increase your sales revenue by Facebook ordering.

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Your Website  



Create an “Online Ordering” click button on your website. Make it easy for your customers to order online. We can help you contact your website provider.


Qwest POS  



Only one click to integrate between online ordering and Qwest POS (Point-of-Sales) system. Make it easier for delivery and pick up orders. 

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Reporting Module


Your business in numbers: order stats, delivery heat map and more.





Easier for a driver to calculate the delivery time in delivery zones.

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Secure payment with EMV certified


Built with technology that keeps you and your customers safe and sound. Accept credit, debit and gift cards.

Add an optional
Online payment rates

2.8% + ¢10 per transaction

3.5% + ¢15 per transaction

Thermal printer

EPSON: TM-m10, TM-T20 (Ethernet), TM-T20ll (Ethernet), TM-T20ll-m (Ethernet), TM-T70, TM-T70ll, TM-T81ll, TM-T82, TM-T82ll, TM-T83ll, TM-T88V, TM-T90ll, TM-P20, TM-P60, TM-P60ll, TM-P80, TM-U220, TM-U330

STAR: TSP100ECO, TSP100U, TSP100GT, TSP100LAN, TSP650, TSP650ll, FVP10, TSP700ll, TSP800ll, TUP500, TUP900, SP700

Although not officially supported, other printers may still work but without any guarantee from out side.

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