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3rd Party Integrations

Integration 3rd Party Orders
Directly to Qwest POS

Game changer for the operations with powerful API services.

MAP (1).png

With menu management system, it’s much easier to update your menu across your

3rd party delivery vendors.

Overall efficiency and profitability of your restaurant.

Do you have these problems in your restaurant?

problem 1.png
problem 2 (1).png
problem 3 (1).png
problem 4 (1).png

Dealing with 5-7

tablets everyday

Hiring more staff

Increase in order entry error

Decreased revenue potential

Why do you need this solution?

Orders come in and go straight to Qwest POS

Reduce the need for tablets

Reduce order entry error

solution 1 (2).png
solution 2 (2).png
solution 3 (2).png
solution 4 (2).png
solution 5 (2).png
solution 6 (2).png

Reduce staffing

Extremely stable integration

Increase revenue potential

What else you need? 

You can’t go wrong with taxes.

Accounting and Qwest’s solution make sure order numbers between

3rd party platforms match exactly with what you have in your POS system.

Accurate costing


Product mixed

Hourly analysis

Which services do we integrate with?


+ many more.

Our automated system allows employees to focus on product quality and guest interaction.
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