INET GROUP represents Qwest POS for your restaurant.

We understand restaurants – we’ve got a solution that fits. And whether you’re a table service restaurant, franchise, or a food truck, we’re ready to help you win more business and increase sales revenue.

We'll take care of you from the beginning.

More than 1,000 restaurants nationwide use Qwest Restaurant Solutions. We’re not just give you free the installation…but give you 24/7 technical support both East and West Coast.

FREE Training: More servers are trained on Qwest POS.

With Qwest POS, you’ll lower the time and cost to train your staff, so they can spend less time focused on the system and spend more time focused on delighting your customers.

Most Adaptable and Affordable POS on the planet.

No matter how you want to expand your business, with our open platform, you’ve got the flexibility you can integrate with online ordering system or you can add new features while offering a great experience to grow your business. With a good quality and long lasting POS, you can own device and system, you also can save up to 30% from other POS provider.

Competitor research & analysis

  • S POS
  • Qwest POS
how can we help you?

Contact us at the Consulting WP office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.

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