Product Description: 

  • Low Monthly Flat Rate
  • Unlimited Orders
  • Easy to Add Devices and Scale Up
  • Customize Orders for Delivery or Pick Up
  • Take or Send Orders from Anywhere in Your Network
  • Receipt Printer Notification
  • No Percentage or Fees per Order to 3rd Party Services
  • Exportable Sales Report
  • Accounting Software Integration
  • Easily Increase Your Revenue

*** FREE Lifetime Software Upgrade

***24/7 Care and Support


Online Ordering by INET

For $79 per month you can have a sales optimized website just for online ordering. This simple website can be used as your primary site or separate landing page.

Real time connection

Customers know exactly when an order is received and how long it will take by connecting your tablet or your phone to your POS (Point-of-Sales) system and printer.

Hit the ground running

Hardware and software that is simple, easy to use and ready to go out of the box.

Go further with online ordering by INET

One set of tools (reporting, mobile ordering, employee time cards and more) to keep your business synced, whether you’re selling in your store or online. 

Secure payment with EMV certified

Built with technology that keeps you and your customers safe and sound. Accept credit, debit and gift cards.

Facebook integration

Promote your business, connect to your customers and increase your sales revenue by Facebook ordering.

Your website integration

Create an “Online Ordering” click button on your website. Make it easy for your customers to order online. We can help you contact your website provider.

Qwest POS integration

Only one click to integrate between online ordering and Qwest POS (Point-of-Sales) system. Make it easier for delivery and pick up orders. 

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